Best Practice When Upgrading Cubase

I have been using Cubase now since version 4 and when installing version upgrades have never really had any issues I have just let the installer do it’s thing. However, since my last upgrade on a newer machine (v6 to 7 to 7.5 to 8.5) I have experienced all kinds of oddness, constant crashes, missing Cubase VST’s such as Grove Agent 1, my Nashville Library will only launch on GA SE and is not visible in the mediabay for GA4 and so on.

When I look at the cubase related folders that have been created and their content they are all over the place and it’s a mess, some are obviously redundant others I’m not so sure and I guess all probably have horribly hidden registry entries and system references etc., which I am sure is adding to if not causing my stability issues.

So my questions are:-

  1. What is the best practice when upgrading cubase versions? In the normal software world you would apply irritative patches for the most part and not be faced with this kind of issue/question. Has Steinberg got a specific strategy for upgrades to remove legacy components, registry entries etc. and test for such? What is the forums experience, am I just unlucky and missed something.

  2. Given my situation is my only real sure option to start a fresh, delete all versions of cubase, all cubase folders, all registry entries etc? And what is he best way of doing this?

My Machine is dedicated to Cubase, It has all the power required and more, I’ll do whatever it takes to get stability back again as it currently is just unworkable! With much reluctance I would even sadly toast it all to get rid of the constant freezing and blue screen of deaths.

I am even at the point where I would go to biting the bullet and going Mac but it would really cost me so much money and time that would be the final, final move and I do hear many people very satisfied with Windows.

Very much looking forward to your help.

Hi and welcome,

Upgrades (not updates) are handled as a new software. So you can keep your old one (Cubase 7.5, for example), and a new software (Cubase 8.5) is installed. Some components are shared by both applications (and other Steinberg applications like Sequel, WaveLab, etc.).

Thanks but I think you missed my point, I have kept the old versions and upgraded and I can see the content of some folders are duplicated and repeated, are they still be referenced somewhere and could this be why I am experiencing 0 stability? I have heard that Waves and Arturia have caused problems but since they were Okay before don’t think they are to blame. I cannot use my Qcon’s at all now.

Also any advice to resolve the issue?


I have had cubase since 1993. I dont think the issues you describe are caused by an upgrade, unless you have been doing occult things to your PC.

There may be some things that Cubase misses. I don’t have an exhaustive list (and I wish there was one) , these are largely to do with prefs and settings.

A Mac will have its issues too of course. Cubase has been stable here for years.

I suggest a deinstall reinstall. Either way you will know if your probs are legit.

Check your plugin paths to make sure that all your DLL files for your missing VSTs are in the paths specified in lower window of Devices/Plugin-manager.

You do get rogue plugins that cause crashes too, (usually when loading), what I do is rename the whole plugin folder(s), so Cubase can load without any plugins - check that it works, then create a empty duplicate plugin folder(s) of the same name. Then judiciously load say half of the plugins, if you get issues, its one of that half of plugins, so then load a quarter… etc


Thanks Z, I think the plugins sure play a big part. I have read an article that particularly points to Waves plugins, writing bogus things to the registry by Phil Penlebury and suffered this for sure. I do not recall doing anything occult, other than swearing a great deal  I am always very glad to hear of Windows users with stable systems, it gives me hope.

I think Waves did have some issues but surely I guess there ironed out. Mostly its stuff freebies, old stuff, VST 1, synth edit never worked. I recommend just sticking with 64 bit stuff - kill those darlings. You can Jbridge 32 bit stuff, but salthough it works well, I am not sure it does everything.
Rename your plugins folder, do a fresh install of 8.5 and take it from there - you will get peace of mind. Try to keep all your plugins in one folder and NEVER move the folder after install -especially Spectrasonics Steam stuff and Kontakt - I learn the hard way. You can use Plugin Manager to set yourself up neat and tidy for veiwing/selecting purposes.


Do you mean, you can see some content multiple times in Cubase? Some folders are duplicated and repeated, because the content is not global. Then it’s OK, there are repeated. In this case, there is no “one-source”.

I would expect this as a Core of your stability issues.

Yes, plug-ins are very often the reason. Make sure, you plug-ins (expecially Waves) are up-to-date, please.

Do you have a crashlog files?

Sometimes, if you have several versions of Cubase, some folders are duplicated, this actually makes sense, especially if you want to load old projects into old versions - if this is what you mean

Some components (like MediaBay, Steinberg Hub, EuCon and lots of others) are comptible with the dedicaated versions only. So you cannot have a “global” MediaBay or EuCon. Then these components are stored in a dedicated folders, which are “duplicated” in every single version again and again then.

When you install or update, make sure to choose the same method when the installer asks you if you want to install for “User” or for “all users”.