Best practices for clear imported graphics?

I’m making some pictograms in Photoshop to use in my score, example:

But I’m having trouble getting it to work in Dorico and on the printed page. I’m wondering what the best practices are for creating graphics that are clear? (in terms of everything from file type, image size, dpi, import method, etc)

In this screenshot, the left is an SVG file imported as a playing technique, the middle is a PNG as a playing technique, and the right is an SVG imported as a graphic frame in edit mode:

So the SVG’s look pretty ok on my screen, but this is how everything prints:

Any ideas? I’ve actually never gotten even very simple graphics to work in Dorico so have thus far stuck to fonts and glyphs, but I would really like to be able to make my own images.

Is the SVG actually a vector graphic, or is it just a bitmap graphic embedded in the SVG? The best results will be had by drawing an actual vector graphic and then importing that into a graphics frame or as a playing technique using an SVG, but I suspect you’re actually just embedding a bitmap into the SVG, and that won’t work well.

Depending on what graphics program you’re using, it will probably have some kind of line-art tracing feature that can produce a vector graphic mostly automatically from a bitmap, so it would be worth giving that a try.

Photoshop is (by and large) for bitmapped images. You want to use Illustrator for vector graphics that can be re-sized without loss of quality.

I had used some online PNG to SVG site because export as SVG was returning an error message in Photoshop, but I think it did trace it as the angles of the lines in the image changed.

screenshot of SVG

But I figured out how to make at least the PDF come out nicely using the print dpi workaround in the manual: “You cannot change the resolution if you select PDF or SVG. However, if you select PNG or TIFF, change the resolution, and then select PDF or SVG, the resolution you selected still applies” and setting dpi to 600, but when I print that PDF it still looks exactly the same as in the first message.