Best practices for constructing a CD using Cubase?

I’m working on my second EP and I wanted to know if there’s a whitepaper or how-to for building a CD image using Cubase alone.

I own Sound Forge Pro but find Cubase so much nicer to work in that I’ve been doing all of my mastering for this second EP in Cubase instead of Sound Forge. I find it much easier to compare different versions of the song and reference tracks within Cubase than in Sound Forge. And Cubase’s plugin handling is far superior. Also, since I use IKMM’s ARC2 for monitoring in the Control Room, this was pretty much the nail in the coffin for Sound Forge.

For the most part, Sound Forge doesn’t get used at all anymore.

I’m starting to lay out the mastered tracks of my EP in a Cubase project, using one track per song and using the timeline to arrange the tracks in order. (Using lanes to comp different mastering treatments to see which ones fit best together.) But from there I’m not sure if it’s easy to build a complete CD image from the project as you can in CD Architect. Has anyone done this?

I would say Cubase is not really suitable for this.

Wavelabs Montage is very good for CD layout.

You could maybe get away with laying out the CD in Cubase, do an Export of the whole layout and import into Soundforge then set up the CD markers and stuff… maybe?

I highly recommend Wavelab Elements 7.
great tool for final Mastering and CD Burning, very good cooperation with cubase.
the selling price is low (ca. $ 99.-) (EDU 66.-!)

Worth every penny, love it.

CD architect is very good. You should stick to that.

Like Split says:
Construct the EP in Cubase, Mixdown a .wav file of the whole thing and import to CD Architect for adding markers.

not that bad!