Best Practices for Importing Stems


I am looking for advice on how to best import stems into Cubasis 3 as I am running into an issue of file duplication which is creating a memory shortage. I am looking to import 20-30 audio stems per project that range in size of 75-110mb each.

Here is what I’m currently doing:
Using the iOS Files app I copied the raw WAV stems into Cubasis 3 > Audio > My Samples and then inside Cubasis I started a new project and dragged each file into a new audio channel. In doing so the files also duplicated into My Audio Files as well as the folder Cubasis 3> Projects > Project NameXYZ > Audio

What I’m wondering…
-Is there a better way to do this to reduce the file duplication/redundancy?
-Are there files that would be safe to delete or remove after importing into the project, so that the project doesn’t lose connection to the correct files?

Help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


I’d really like to see Cubase <-> Cubasis round-trip made a lot easier and robust. The structure of the Cubase project is what I really need: Marker tracks, Tempo and Time Signature, etc.

i.e., please make it a lot easier and better to move projects back and forth between Cubase and Cubasis! There’s already the “Import Cubasis” in Cubase; we really need the “Export to Cubasis” too. (Alternatively, Cubasis knowing how to import Cubase projects.)

Hi all,

Thank you for your messages.

Cubasis projects can be imported with Cubasis via the freely downloadable Cubasis Project Importer.

Due to the complexity of Cubase projects, and the amount of instruments/effects used which are unavailable on the mobile platform, there is no option for a similar way to import Cubase projects with Cubasis.

Here, we suggest to create STEMS via the available Cubase batch export feature, and re-import these files in Cubasis afterwards.

Hope that helps!

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This bump has nothing to do with my original question.
How does Cubasis3 handle audio imports?