Best Practices for Multi-flow Orchestral Percussion Staves

Hi all, Happy New Year!

I’m prepping a large score with many flows and I would like to have generic percussion staves that include multiple instruments. I think I have figured out how to include those instruments in the staves: simply clicking and dragging individual percussion players into the stave I intend to be the generic "Percussion I / II / III " staves. What is the best practice for having the staff labeled “Percussion I” etc. at the beginning of each flow? Also, is there a better way to do this than I have described?

Thanks so much!

  1. If you want to have multiple instruments on the same staff and be able to have them playing at the same time where necessary e.g. Crash Cym and B.D.:

(If you want pitched instruments in this player too, just add them as a separate instrument that the player uses)

  1. To show “Percussion 1” in the Staff Label you will need to name your player that and then set your Layout(s) to use the Player Name rather than the Instrument Name: