Best practices for naming Track Presets?

In the past I’ve only created a handful of Track Presets, so I never really had to keep them organized. I recently decided to build a much larger library of presets for Instrument Tracks so I can easily load VSTi’s all set to go - mostly because I got Metagrid (++++) which will let me create load-buttons for each one. I know some of you have created very large preset libraries & given real thought to how to best name & organize them. So I’m wondering what you’ve discovered about organizing the names - what works best & just as important what doesn’t (especially the stuff that seemed useful to include, but turned out not to be).

Right now I think I want to include:
Instrument name
Instrument category (e.g. strings, keys, guitar, etc.)
Instrument player (e.g. Kontakt, Halion, etc.)
Vendor (e.g. Soundiron, EastWest, etc.)
Wisdom of the crowd items go here

On the other hand I wonder how useful it really is to tell for example if the preset uses Padshop or Kontakt. So maybe some of the above items shouldn’t be included.

Additionally, once I’ve decided what info to include in the name, what’s the best order for those elements.

Finally what else should I be considering that I’m not?


Settling on a specific Preset Naming convention has worked great for me. I’ve been starting them with a unique character(“x” for tracks and “@” for utility/mix console) followed by an upper case abbreviation of the VSTi or track type, then “_”, and a descriptive name. I still put fill in the filter fields like Category, Character, Instrument, etc… but if all filters are off I can find my custom ones quickly with a name column sort or text search.
Preset Name examples:
xPDSH_nnnnn (Padshop preset)
xBAZI_nnnnn (u-he Bazille preset)
xHAL_4out4midi (HALion Instrument Track that includes 4 Output channels and 4 Midi Tracks)
xGTR(AM7)_DryDI (Audio Track preset for one of my Guitars with no insert FX)
@CHAN_InitStrip (Clear out a Channel to my defaults)

Great. Exactly the kind of input I’m looking for. Thanks.

Sounds great…but how do you set specific presets to metagrid buttons?im
Trying to do that right now…both for instruments and audio tracks…?

Sorry I haven’t actually gotten to that point yet - just building presets now. But I figured it wold involve using Metagrid’s macro (or whatever they call it) capability that lets you put in text strings. What roadblocks have you run into?

Perhaps it would be smart to confirm this is even possible before going too far down the road.

Im trying to setup an add track using the track preset command…and im looking for a way to type the name reliably to the browse screen…cause i got it to work the first time but the browse presets window remembers your last selection so it doesnt work…if i could go staight to the text box id use the following:

  1. Add track using preset
  2. Pause
  3. Go to the text input in the browse preset window
  4. Pause
  5. Text input the preset name
  6. Pause
  7. Execute(for some reason Enter key crashes the application giving me an error messege that its being used by another application or something