Best Practices for Saving Samples

I have an old sample library i made that I am wanting to utilize in H6. What is best practice for saving samples? Can they be saved with a program/multi /preset ?

What I find is that with this old library that I have extracted and converted from my old hardware samplers I have loaded some into H6 and created a couple of programs. Because the files utilized old, limited, naming conventions I find myself reorganzing and renaming the old samples but this then can cause issue with Halion finding them and, it seems, it won’t find/load them if they are renamed. Yes I could ‘replace’ but then that messes up my hitpoints etc, even if it is the same sample! All this is a bit frustrating. Why can’t I just tell H6 ‘here’s the file I want to use now’ in the search?

Having said all that, if there is a way I can save these created programs, along with their samples, in a new ‘Halion only’ spot that might be better way but I can’t see how to do that either (yes, I did look for this online and in the manual).

Any help most appreciated.

Hi sonicvision,
if you have to load each of your “old” programs anyway, then the “Export Samples…” dialog should give the best results. Here is a “how to” :

best regards
Gerrit Junge