Best Practices in Layout Mode with unlinked flows

I know the main part of this has been “dealt with” (acknowledged) but I thought I’d put this topic up for general debate to see if any users have useful tips to add that might help.

If you have multiple flows with different layout needs in one layout, quite a lot of problems can send you into a Dorico Bad Place. These happened to me recently:

  • Amongst a multiple flow document, each flow having different orchestrations, I have single vocal lines with verses written out in text frames underneath. When I change the layout of an earlier movement that changes the pagination of the piece, the music from the layout is pushed onto the next page.
  • Answer to this: add a page before that movement. Music moves back.
  • Oh no! another layout change has changed the pagination of the earlier work again, and now the music for my single chant has moved back a page. No problem, I’ll just move the texts frames oh no I can’t move them past the margins (why?)
  • Ok, no problem, I’ll just delete the page I created . Nope! (why?)
  • Alright, I get it now. If I want a specific page layout that isn’t influenced by the chain then I need to unlink that music from the main chain and put it in its own music frame. All done - I still have a page which now contains the next movement’s music in it on the page before, but at least my vocal line won’t go anywhere. I’ll just delete the music frame from the previous page and/or recreate this page from scratch on the previous page.
  • ok, but I’ve lost my flow header now, and I can’t apply a flow header to a flow (again, why?)

Ok - flow header aside, I can see in retrospect how I should perhaps have organised the document. I’m not going to go into feature requests (it would be good to have some revision of layout in the next update that includes deleting/moving pages, applicable flow headers and the ability to move and copy frames outside of their pages is all I’m saying). Does anyone have any “best practice” tips to help with this kind of situation?