Best practices with Noteperformer 3 and Dorico 4?

I just signed up for Noteperformer and boy does it sound great with Dorico!

I have ran into a few snags with Noteperformer not recognizing certain less common playing techniques. For instance, I have this electric guitar part and I am trying to get an overdrive or distorted sound from NP and I am not sure if I know exactly how to get Dorico and NP to communicate in this way.

Any tips on how to make the most out of NP on Dorico? Thanks in advance! :smile:

My advice : read NotePerformer user guide. It’s not long.
What it can do, it does well. What it does not… don’t waste time, choose another tool!


What MarcLarcher said. NP does not do electric guitar very well at all. NPs wheelhouse is orchestral, for sure.

That NP works well, does that mean it’s gone native for M1?

No, as yet there is no Universal version of NotePerformer.