Best price so far? Cubase 6 Upgrade from C5 (Not Artist/iC)

I’ve just seen a deal for £112 inc vat for the full Cubase6Upgrade from Cubase5 (full version).

Any one seen anything better please?

That is the best I have seen as well but I think they charge a fair bit of postage on top

Have seen it for 149 USD. No idea, how much in GBP is. 50 USD cheaper than the last update.

yep DV here in the UK are doing it for £112.45… cheap indeed!
I think the exclusion of a paper manual in this version has a LOT to do with it being cheaper than previous updates.

No sign of stock yet at DV, however… :frowning:

This takes the edge off ordering it with Steiny at £126, which should arrive today if all is well.

LOL yeah i was just thinking the same thing actually… mines down for ‘delivery by end of day’… is coming from Stoke which isn’t too far away… gonna hide away today i think :wink:

Heh, mine’s coming from Barking, which seems somewhat appropriate - who’d be an early adopter, eh? :laughing:

You, apparantly :slight_smile: