Best reason to use Nuendo over Cubase!

Why? Simple. Just take a moment to read through the SB Artist section, like I did, in which you’ll find the following quote:

Paul Mirkovich:
“My job would be virtually impossible with Cubase. Thanks so much for such a great tool.”

So you can see that Cubase is impossible! Hence he MUST be thanking SB for their other DAW. Long live Nuendo!!!

(Sorry, I could not resist, since that is the actual quote at Please don’t take this too seriously, just a bit of fun at SB’s expense.)

(P.S. I got 1 word for you, guys. Proofread!)


hahahaha :laughing:

Back when I made the switch to Nuendo, from Cubase VST something something.
Cubase was a cluttered mess for multi tracking bands.
Nuendo had a clean interface and was so much more intuitive.
I’m talking about Nuendo Version 1 btw.

Now the interfaces seem almost identical. (The clutter is on the creep)

Kind of hate to bump this via reply…but

  1. SB corrected the typo I mentioned, so glad I could help

  2. On one hand, it was kind of funny, but in retrospect, it was also kind of jerky of me to post that publicly instead of PM’ing a moderator.

  3. If I had it to do over, I would have PM’ed instead. My apologies if that was uncool with the SB folk, or especially the artist mentioned in the typo. I should have been more considerate of him.

Don’t worry about it. Looking at it another way, it shows the SB folks are paying attention! :wink: