best strategy for export to kontakt library ?


here is a snapshot of some samples i did with my 5u modular for some tuned kicks.
dry, 1073es, culture vultureed, OTO biscuit, sherman, rainmaker, Mi Clouds etc… lots of tracks no round robin, 36 notes for different pitches.

All my events have a fade in out, some have some DOP (LP filter)
i’m always struggling at this point to batch export those events so they get good names…
the only way i have is to name the track correctly, go to event one, Bounce selection, move to next event etc…
then i have to open the folder and manually rename the _01 _02 _03 etc to what ever i want (here C0 C#0 D0 etc…)
isn’t there a way to select all events and bounce events to seperate files at once with auto rename rules ?
i’m looking at the new “cycles marker bounce” that might work but i can’t find a way to automatically create cycles markers to selected events (no way i do that manually it would take more time then my first technic)

any idea ?

tried a macro to set cycle markers :
locate markers / insert cycle markers / navigate right
works fast enough but still you have to press keycomand for each event.
Then i can use auto rename rule with cycle marker bounce all good but cycle range mixdown is very slow :frowning: compared to “bounce event” function.

i wonder if selecting all event and apply a DOP like gain -0.1db would not create files that can be used in the Edit folder.
although the files there really look nasty : “Clouds - decay_01-StudioEQ-2E03AD6E6B7149828A972673B255CE02”

To rename your events according to note names, select all the events and then select Edit / Rename Events from LIst.
Copy the note names from a list of note names such as:
Paste the note names into column 1. Click on Rename. All selected events are renamed.

Cycle markers may not be the best way for exporting the events. Instead use Export / Selected Events. Type a name in the ‘Name’ field’. Set up a naming scheme in the Naming Scheme window… for example, drag ‘Name’ and ‘Event Name’ into the Results field. Set the destination folder and all other parameters as required. Click on Export. All selected events are exported as audio files named according to the chosen naming scheme.