Best studio Web designs ..

Hello Friends, …

I treated my website rather stepmotherly for many years. I kept it uptodate, more or less, but otherwise
down to a minimum, design: nil.
Now, it is down because it got corrupted and I think it is time to give it a bit more attention and design.
Most of what I have seen of studio websites has been very nice and neat, but also rather conservative
and business-like.

I think of something more progressive and flipped-out …
Do you now a website with a design that is a little … beyond…?
Please, give us a link. This can be fun!

Cheers, Big K

I don’t really have that much to add other than that I think it’s a good idea to use “responsive” designs to make sure it loads quickly and looks nice on smaller screen devices such as tablets and smart phones. Personally I get annoyed and move on nowadays if I can’t navigate rapidly on my smaller device (euphemism?) which means either keep the regular page super-clean or use a responsive design.

Both can be accomplished…with a little balance, I think.
The whole site with all (few) pages incl. content, will be kept around 1 MB.


I had similar “problems” - set up my page 2001 or something, using a “what you see is what you get” webdesign application and countless nights… Redesigned 2003 or something… and 2009 or something I just deleted the page because I thought “better no page than THAT page”. Yea and it took till end of last year to put up a new page.

My first attempt was to outsource this - I am an audio dude - others are webdesigner. But I had bad success 2 times here, both times it was like “ok, we will kick of 2 of those überstunden-studiodays from the invoice and you create a cool page for me”.

To keep it short - in the end I set up a Wordpress theme with the very patient help of a good friend and filled it with content. I am not 100% happy yet as well as it is not 100% done yet - lots of stuff is missing… content… the mastering section, references, soundfiles (not sure about how to handle them, it is so complicated in Germany) etc.

But I was very unsure how I want to layout/design the page. Corporate??! Freaky?? On old days I tried to look as professional as possible without having much references… Now I have references and I could use a freaky look. I don’t know - I browsed zillions of pages… In the end I decided that it would be better to have “something” online (which looks as nice as possible) then nothing.

Not sure if this helps in any way - I would say - no :slight_smile:)

btw -