Best Technique for Editing Notes Crossing Bar Lines


My Cubase workflow routinely involves recording alternating chunks of MIDI info and silence.

I later use Alt-Scissors to cut up these chunks into Parts in a regular way at desired bar lines (this itself works great!). The Parts so created are intended to be self-contained, movable, exportable, etc.

The issue I am having is that in the MIDI chunks the data often extends just slightly past the bar line where a cut will be. This is unavoidable at the source of the recording, and extremely tedious to correct one-event-at-a-time in one of the editors (e.g. List Editor, Key Editor).

Can anyone suggest to me existing functionality in Cubase that can be used to in some fashion effect a “bulk” solution to this?

Is there a quantization trick? Is there a way to use the Logical Editor? The goal is to shorten only those final events that cross the bar line. I’m open to consider anything better than one-event-at-a-time editing! Thanks.
Cubase Slightly Over Bar Line 02.png
Cubase Notes and Silence 02.png


Myself, I would keep it. Why is it wrong?

You can Quantize Ends. This woukd do the trick, but for all MIDI Notes (or selected, so you would need to select them first, what is time-consuming).

When the chunks are cut at the bar line and used outside of the original context (incl. Export to MIDI file, importing elsewhere, etc.) it won’t do to have Note On events sent without corresponding Note Off events, etc.

Goal is to have all Note On events paired up with matching Note Off events, all PB and Controllers resolved back to neutral, etc. atomically within each chunk (where the chunk is some exact number of bars).

My experience is that while in some situations it may not be necessary to be so completely detail-concerned about it, in other situations not being fully cleaned-up in this way will create havoc later when neither expected nor desired.

Of really? I do MIDI export rarely, but I really wonder.