Best Tool To Create a 50Hz ambience

What would be the most appropriate tool to a create a 50Hz ambience noise.
I want to stack 50Hz tones in a mix of odd and even harmonics and balance the levels between them.

I have CB Pro
Spectral layers pro.

I would prefer to stay within the Steinberg ecosystem


Retrologue offers white and pink noise, but I don’t think that is what you are going for. I would recommend finding an audio sample that you can loop. Apple Music has 50hz white noise tracks (one by Filder Traumfabrik).

Cubase has a test tone generator Insert.

If you need it as an Audio File stick it on an Instrument Track with no VSTi loaded, draw an empty MIDI Part for the length of Audio you want and Render In Place.

Thanks folks. I’ll start with the tone generator and put the harmonics on individual tracks, mix and fiddle, then render.

What I ended up doing was retrologue. Just hit 3 notes equal to 50, 100 & 150Hz, sawtooth waveform gave just the right harmonics, a little tube distortion to mellow it, and a touch of pink noise.

I am asking out of curiosity: Since white noise means to have the whole frequency spectrum active, what exactly is a 50Hz white noise? White noise with a very steep 50Hz bandpass filter?

Personally, I don’t know. People are fast and loose with words these days. Technically, white noise is all frequencies with equal amplitude acrsos the entire spectrum. Since this is Apple Music, my guess is they start with white noise (or say they do) then add a stronger 50Hz (and possibly harmonics) to give it that low frequency accent. I don’t have apple music so I cant listen to it. It’s apple music, I wouldn’t count on it being exactly what they say.