Best Tutorials to Learn Cubase for a Logic User?

Hello, all. Who gives the best tutorials on youtube for a guy like me going from Logic to Cubase 12? I certainly no beginner with DAWs – Cubase interests me because of easier articulations and MIDI instrument fun. I would use it for writing, arranging songs. I export audio to Luna for mixing so I do not need to learn mixing tricks. (I hear Cubase is good for mixing, but I love the summing and tape sims in Luna! Nothing like it anywhere for me.)

I figured people here would know which yt person knows their stuff and the only threads on it here are years old.


Dom Sigalas channel is great:

and Chris Selim:

and this one:

and Jeff Gibbons:

I switched from Logic to Nuendo and these helped a lot. Was up and running within a view days.

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Wow, thanks, @wolfger ! That’s exactly what I need to know!

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