Best upgrade options to Absolute 3

I’ve just come back to all of my vst instruments and Cubase 7.5 and I’m not sure what the best option is to upgrade my current vst instruments to the Absolute 3 package.

Except for ‘The grand 3’, ‘Halion symphonic orchestra’, ‘groove agent 4’ and retrologue 2, I have all other items in the Absolute package.

If the upgrade paths available aren’t suitable, can I sell the vst packs I have to put towards a purchase of absolute 3?

Thank you

EDIT: I also have an active link to the education shop on Steinberg’s website.

Keep Halion 6 and crossgrade it to Absolute 3.

You can try selling the other plugins you have, but it’s only worth it if you find a single buyer willing to take all of them at once, since you’ll need a separate USB eLicenser for each separate buyer.