Best Virtual Instrument Similar To Real World Piano?

What Is The Best Virtual Instrument Similar To Real World Piano? :question:

so far i have used NI Akoustik Piano , Best Services Steinway Galaxy , True pianos vst, Ivory , Pianissmo and The Grand 3. I must say i think The Grand 3 beats the @#$% out of all the other above i tryd (and that was just the SE Trial that only had 2 pianos). The vst has a nice warm sound and better velocity range than any i have used. play as soft as you want too as loud as you want. Its hard to put that Vst into words. The Grand 3 has the best affordable piano vst technology can offer today imo.


Check out the pianos on this site… I have a few of them.

I had the same question, and has a classically trained pianist, I wanted to find a piano sound that would not irritate my ear. I went to every manufacturer’s website I could and listened to demo recordings and the like. I worked with GigaStudio in the past using their Giga Bösendorfer, but the sound came out sounding fake. Part of the problems is that pianists know how different the piano sounds when the sustain pedal is depressed allowing all of the other strings to resonate sympathetically. For the even more aurally sensitive, just playing any two or more notes creates sympathetic vibrations in each other string, so it’s very different sounding than a bunch of single notes sampled one at time played together; in a real piano, every combination of notes sounds different from any other combination. This is why piano modelling software became attractive to me assuming that the technology is already here to handle that type of synthesis. Fortunately although the technology is not perfect, it is very good and is getting better all the time. This is why I chose Modartt Pianoteq.

I’m also interested in hearing Roland’s V Piano, but as a non-professional, I cannot justify a $7K V-piano over the $99 Pianoteq, which is practically in the same ballpark of tonal quality. Besides, if I had a $7K budget, I’d go through the hassle of professionally recording my real grand piano because it would still be cheaper to move my grand into a studio, tune it, record it, and move it back than to buy the V-piano. You’d still have plenty of funds left over to buy some great microphones (i.e. matched pair of Schoeps CMC6) to take to the studio with you if the studio you choose cannot provide such an exquisite pair…