Best Vocoder Plugin

hi all,

i’m sure many of us have faced this problem. Native instruments stopped supporting and putting out
new versions of Vokator.

however, since i’ve recently gone to windows 7 64-bit as well as cubase 6.5 64bit… Vokator no longer
works. i’ve used Jbridge but now, while i’m able to see Vokator as an option in the VST Instruments
menu, I CANNOT see it in the Insert FX menu.

anyone have this issue?



none of you use vocoders?
It s free, it sounds really good, but it take a while to master it


Thanks for the info/link. I have actually downloaded this and tried it. it’s sounding ok right now and i’m able to map a MIDI track to this so that I can automate/write the chord and melody changes in MIDI editor successfully.

Have also tried Orange Vocoder…it sounds good but i’m not able to do the Midi track mapping/editing for it. Any ideas for this issue?

Thanks again


Don’t forget about Cubase’s “Pitch Correct” plugin that can be played as a vocoder :wink:

I like the Cubase Vocoder, which you can get here:

However, the above ^ tip is interesting. I never would’ve thought of using Pitch Correct that way, thanks!