Best way (at the moment!) to get MIDI loops into Dorico?

Hi all,

since I’m not a pianist, I use Toontrack’s EZKeys heavily and have a large MIDI library from them.
However, I’m struggling to transfer MIDI snippets from EZKeys into Dorico, what’s the best way to go about this? In the past it was drag and drop, but until that is restored, is there another way?


Can you drag-and-drop them into a 3.5 project and then bring it forward into 4.0.10?

Hey Derrek,

Wouldn’t I actually have to use 3.5 for that to work? Since the upgrade, I uninstalled 3.5, and I’m not sure if the drag functionality is important enough right now to justify reinstalling 3.5. But that might be the ticket after all…

One can hope that this is restored soon!

Open your OS file explorer to where the MIDI files are stashed on your system.
Go to the Setup tab of Dorico.
Try dragging from there into Dorico.

Well, I just discovered the power of the new MIDI import, pretty nice…
Leaving the settings on 4-voice keyboard ist the best for piano stuff.
Just export from EZKeys, and then import in Dorico.

Very cool stuff, thanks!