Best way: doubling note values

What’s the best way to double the length of these selected notes, moving into the crotchet rest?

If I use Insert, the rest (and everything else, except other voices) gets pushed further along;
If I don’t use Insert, the first note destroys the second.

Screenshot 4.png

Just do the first method and, keeping the insert mode, delete the quarter rest. All music will be in place again.
In some circumstances this is not a good solution, though, as some information may be lost if complex notations are moved foward and back. In that cases, I use to copy the selection to a completely empty staff, and once doubled the length, copied back to the original place.

with insert mode off, select the 2 notes, write → edit duration → double note duration

As said, the first overwrites the second, doesn’t it?

That’s the logical thing to try, but as Ben says, it doesn’t work.

yes, I see now.
If you select the first two notes in insert mode, then do double-note-duration, and then delete the rest.

the developers should look at that – it is more intuitive if it processed the highlighted section in insert mode and then overlayed it back in using the current (insert) mode. As implemented, isn’t the first note guaranteed to trash the second note ? How is that useful ?

There are situations when you do want the first note to overwrite the second. My problem with Insert mode is that I seem to get mad results when there are other voices on the same staff. Though again, there may be times when that’s what you want.

Sure, if you select one note. But if you selected multiple notes with the intent to double their durations, why would you want any of the selected notes overwritten ?

It’s useful for situations like this:

(This is a pretty poor example, because there’s a more obvious way of doing this, but hopefully it makes the point: Dorico doesn’t care whether a selected bunch of notes are contiguous or not; it just doubles the first note in the selection, then doubles whatever the next remaining selected note happens to be, etc.)

in that example, I agree what it is doing is intuitive. Let’s try this way :

…But if you selected multiple contiguous notes with the intent to double their durations, why would you want any of the selected notes overwritten ?

Dear shr23,
I think everyone understands your point. I must say that, to me, this doubling rhythmic value feature is not really useful as is. Why would I need this for, unless to transform a 2/4 piece in cutc piece? And would that feature work? Hell no! I guess some more work over this feature (with maybe some options to make it non destructive) will be needed. For the time being, you would need to start from the end, with insert mode on, and double each note value one a time from end to beginning.