Best way of creating 2/2 3/2

I need to notate a song with a 2/2 3/2 time signature to mean that it’s basically 2/2 with an occasional 3/2 bar thrown in. I would prefer to notate it in 2/2 and just mark each 3/2 bar with a new time signature but that takes up precious space and isn’t what the publisher wants. Does anyone have a suggestion?
2:2 3:2

There is a option in the time signature menu.
Create time signature → exchangeable (?)
See picture below.

If you need a 3/2 you can add a 3/2 and it will automatically hide the time signature change. You can change the appearance in the engraving options, or the property panels.

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Thank you!

If you want to remove the equals sign in the time signature, go to Library>Music Symbols, search for Time signature equals and delete the glyph.

I’d use shift-M 2/2 (3/2)

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Actually I just made an executive decision and did just that.