Best way of creating a selector panel?

I’m trying to make a selector panel similar to the one that’s used in serum to switch between the different views and there doesn’t seem to be any objects in vstgui that make that easily possible.

for the record, i’m trying to make it kinda like a slider in that it has 4 buttons and depending on which button is selected it gives out a value from 1 to 4 to its linked parameter.

Apologies in advance for the amount of noob questions i’ll be asking here by the way, i just feel it’s better to go straight to people who know what they’re doing when i’m stuck rather than digging around documentation for hours that i find to be a maze.

Do you use the VST3 WYSIWYG editor? Then you can use the UIViewSwitchContainer.

Not really, i’m manually writing everything to the uidesc file
And the thing is i’m not trying to switch the view with it
The plugin i’m working on takes in a graph formula and allows you to generate a waveform from said graph
Here’s the current layout mockup…

under the formula input you can specify what happens to the graph once the graph goes past the y boundaries (whether the line “bounces back” off the edges, wraps around to the opposite side of the graph, completely silences, or clips) and i’m trying to make a selector panel that lets you choose the behaviour, hence my wanting it to put out a value.

looks like CSegmentButton might be what i’m looking for