Best way to align backing vocals?

What would you expert users suggest the best way to do this manually!

I know you can use programs like ‘vocalign’ but that is £400+

I need to see the waveform of the guide vocal and be able to time stretch the next vocal to align the timing!

what is the best tool in Cubase to do this!

At the moment I am using variaudio

And the problem is…?

no problem, I am asking if they are other tips incase there is a better way!

Problem with VariAudio is the grid is gone… And, you can’t use VariAudio from the Project Page. And you can’t variaudio multiple channels at once… If you could at least see the other channels while you did this it would actully be helpfull.

Actually you can use Variaudio with multiple channels.

Select two events at the same position on two tracks that have been pitched corrected. Click on one of the events and Variadio data for bother tracks appears in the sample editor. The track that is not in focus is dimmed a little. If you click on one of the dimmed notes this brings the other track into focus. :smiley:

Adding to the last post, set the color mode to “Event”. It will make the notes of each track in the color of that event, so it’s easier to see.

I’ve successfully used this method to align 13 vocalists together to satisfactory results.
If you do more than 3 tracks, I advise that you choose one who is in time and align each track individually to that one, selecting only the target and the one to fix each time, rather than all the events together.