Best way to align lyrics in Score Editor?

Normally I use the Score Settings’ Notepad Insert Lyrics function to place lyrics into a score. Usually this results in text that is all vertically aligned. But sometimes one or more words will not be vertically aligned with their neighbors (anyone know why that occurs). When that happens I end up manually aligning the text by zooming in and visually dragging it. This is both tedious and often inaccurate. I figure there must be something I’m missing. The position indicator shows where the mouse not the text is so that doesn’t really help. And when I select the text it doesn’t show up on the info line so I can’t just hand enter a position. So what are the best practices for doing this?

Use the Align Elements commands from the Score menu.

Thanks Steve. Works like a charm. :smiley: Wished I’d have asked sooner. I see a key command in the near future.

Yep! One of my most used keystrokes.