Best way to archive our sessions?


I´m looking for the most efficient and future proof method to archive my Cubase sessions. At the moment I´ve backing up all files (raw tracks) and Cubase sessions to separate folders and burned them to DVD:s, somehow I don´t trust hard drives for archiving purposes…but, what if? :

  1. Years goes by and you need to make a remix and the old Cubase session doesn´t open with your software version X.X and you only have your raw tracks to play with. Maybe it´s only what you want and need but what if the original version had these few cool sounds or things you´d like to restore? So should I also bounce the “wet” tracks (the mix) with edits, fades, automation, plug-ins and FX to separate tracks and include them to archive?

  2. Nothing is certain except death and taxes. :smiley: Would it be nice to import the archived “wet tracks” to any DAW or mixer you´re using at the moment, and just leave the faders at 0 and have that MIX that was made back in time? I´ve been watching the tv-series Classic albums and just wondering how are the “big boys” doing this?

  3. So should I be super careful and include: Raw recorded tracks (edited or not), “Wet” tracks (the mix) and the whole session folder to the archive.

Any thoughts?



Based on all the points you mentioned, you are not able to decide that for yourself…?


Yes, but I´m looking “the most efficient” method to be future proof.

Is it necessary to do all that or can we settle for a little less? 50 to 100+ track sessions with hires audio takes a lots of space and easily one project archival will take from 10 to 40 DVD:s. I´m not using blu-rays (yet?). I´m interested how you guys archive your sessions?


Discs are the best way to save your files! DVD or Bluray(25,50 or 128gb). Then there is no way to delete them! Cause hackers will delete the entire worlds hard drives one time in the future or just hd fail! Disk is the best way.

It`s impossible to delete discs.

This is what I do!

Export all tracks (no plugins)
Save cubase song with no plugins(2 versions)
include plugins used with serials on disc