best way to boost weak audio interface signal?

I’m using a Blackstar HT-1 mkii guitar amp to record directly to Cubasis via the built-in USB audio interface.
It works great, except that the USB level from the amp is extremely low, I’ve already spoken to Blackstar and they said there is no way to increase it from the amp side, so…
What is the best way to boost/normalize the input signal as it is being recorded in Cubasis?
I know I can normalize the waveform AFTER recording, but I would like to have it in an Insert Fx slot, so I can hear the boosted signal in real time
What is the best effect, or plug-in to accomplish this?


Hi 642Carl,

Thanks for your message.

It is recommend to set the best possible level in your audio device, which ideally provides the best signal to noise ration and assures enough peak room to stay away from clippings/digital distortions. While you could use insert plug-ins to push the input signal, we do not recommend to use them for recordings. Instead, please try to find the best option to turn up the volume before the signal reaches Cubasis.


Hi Lars,
Unfortunately this is not an option, the USB audio interface is built-in to the HT-1 mkii amp.
I’ve already contacted Blackstar about this and they informed me there is no way to adjust the audio level coming out of the interface, I think this is a design flaw on their part.

Could you recommend the best way to boost the weak signal?
Can I use one of Cubasis’ built-in fx like the channel strip, or is there a 3rd party plug-in that would work well for this situation?


You can use a compressor or limiter to bring the level up - however, make sure that your volume is up on the amp itself and drop the wattage switch to low, the audio interface part will ignore the wattage switch but will echo the volume. Put some headphones into the amp so it shuts of the speaker too so you can push it may help?

Thanks for the heads up, skijumptoes!

The options recommended by skijumptoes will help to address the problem.
Nevertheless, and as mentioned before it is recommended to setup the volume before Cubasis…