Best way to bracket instrument groups

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or what the best way to automatically bracket groups. I thought it had something to do with the groups in the setup but my winds are still being bracketed together.

I also changed the group type from orchestral to wind band thinking that would work but I didn’t see a change. Surely there is a better way than manually creating these brackets in engrave mode

Be sure you do not have any page overrides (little red triangles in the corner of the page icons in Engrave) which might prevent any changes to your pages.

Page overrides shouldn’t have any bearing on brackets/braces. However, brown bracket/barline override signposts will.

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As Lillie intimates, there is a brown Bracket Override signpost on your first system, so any changes to the Options won’t affect it.

Ahh that’s right. I had that there from a previous post about a similar thing. And then I run into the issue of each group having its own time signature which is not good and not possible to control currently without crazy workarounds.


By “crazy workarounds”, do you mean giving each staff in those groups an independent time signature?

yes that’s what I mean. Perhaps I misread the from the previous thread about how involved this would be, perhaps it wouldn’t be as involved? Would I have to do this for every single time change or just once at the very start?

  1. Input a time signature that applies just to one staff
  2. Copy that time signature to the other staves you want to have that independent time signature (e.g. by selecting it and Alt/Opt-clicking other staves)
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 if needed, i.e. if those staves need a different time signature later in the flow that’s still independent of the global time signature

Try it out and see for yourself :slight_smile: