Best way to bulk export scores from Sibelius?

Hi all,

Dorico Pro 2 finally put me over the fence, and I’ll use summer break to develop a workflow for the things I need Dorico to do for me.
What is the best way to export XML from Sibelius in bulk, like converting a whole folder?
I’ve had a look at various plugins already, but maybe there’s a native or better way?

Best regards,

Dear Benji,
I’ve been using quite extensively xml export from Sibelius, and find that the free Dolet plug-in does the best job for me — though it’s not perfect. I sometimes have to delete full (complicated and with tuplets) bars in order to have the whole piece exported. I notice that when such bar appear, it becomes a mess at that point in Dorico and then the following bars are empty. I lose less time in reentering them in Dorico after deleting them in Sibelius…
I’ll be interested in some feedback once you’ve performed a dozen of these :wink:

There’s a plugin that comes with Sibelius by defafult that allows you to batch export a whole folder of Sibelius files, I believe, but it doesn’t use Dolet, which is the best route to go…


thx, I’ll give this a try ASAP…