Best way to change key / pitch shift.


What is the cleanest way for pitch shifting / changing key without changing tempo, for short 2-4 loops and phrases. If I change the number on the info bar I get a weird modulation effect, If i go to process >> pitch shift and leave default i get a click when it loops.

MPEX - Poly Musical seems to be the cleanest thus far. Is there any other fast easy, clean ways to do this. I see people using FL studio for this and getting better results.


Also is there a preference to set that so when changing the transpose number in the info bar, it uses the same algorithm as the setting in Process>> Pitch shift ?


no, you set those algorithms separately.

Thanks… So what algorithm is it using when ever you change number in info bar, last used? Doesn anyone know. Thanks

the one set for that audio clip (as seen in the pool, on the infoline under ‘algorithm’, and in the sample editor).

Oh great thanks ! What is your recommended way of pitch shifting?