Best way to convert 12/8 to 4/4?

Hi, folks!

I wrote a piece in 12/8 because it’s a quite slow blues.
Tried it with my community band (did not go too well) and they gave me the feedback that if it was written in simple 4/4 with swing articulation they would have done better.

Now, what is the best way to convert 12/8 to 4/4?
All I’m thinking of right now is to go through it in insert mode and convert all quarter notes to eighth notes, and to rewrite all eighths rhythms as triplets.

Is there any easier way you could think of?


I’d print it out, then put the notes in again once you’ve changed the structure to 4/4. I’m sure that will be quicker than any other way.

When Dorico eventually has a “tupletify” command that can take existing non-tuplet notes and convert them into tuplets, this will become a bit easier.

If you won’t lose too much work by going the XML route, this is, FWIW, a one-click operation in Finale, using Jari Williamson’s (free) Meter and Rhythm plugin…

Thanks Daniel, I know of these plans and I’m really looking forward to your implementation.
I can’t wait that long, though. Need to rework my piece in the next few weeks :wink: