Best way to copy automation between projects?

Hi - How do you guys do that? I’ve had a hard time getting it to work consistently with copy/paste/import/export. A lot of times I find I can transfer it between projects, but it is shifted in time, which I then struggle with trying to fix.

Thanks for any advice!

Well, I’ve never tried copying automation (alone) between Projects, but what does work is to Export the track containing the automation, then importing that Track Archive. It will of course import onto a new track, but you can then use the Range tool to drag the automation to whatever track (and whatever position :wink: ) you want.

I too would be interested to learn how others approach this :slight_smile:.

Thanks, vic_france!

It’s really annoying that Cubase won’t allow to copy paste this… I don’t see a reason why not (At least UX-wise, not sure about technical issues)