Best way to create attacca


What is currently the best way to insert “attacca”?
It should be placed below the bottom-most staff in the score and below the staff in each part layout.
It would be easy if “tempo marking”, “Repeat Sections” and “System Text” provided the placement option (above and below), but they don’t.
I, of course, change the start offset on the properties panel in Engrave mode, but it is not easy to change multiple layouts.
What could be the best method for “attacca”?

Any suggestion or experience would be welcomed and appreciated.


You could use a repeat marker like Fine for this. First, insert a Fine (which will be placed right-aligned) by typing Shift-R Fine enter, then, in the properties panel, change the text to ‘attacca’. You can set the placement to below staff in Layout Options.


Out of laziness I use Fine markings (from the Shift-R popover), then set Custom Text. There’s a Layout Option to tell Fine markings to show at the bottom of the system only.

edit: seems I’m not the only one :point_up:


Thank you very much!
I was careless when checking the Layout option dialogue window!