Best way to create song structure markers?

last question for today:

How do I create these:

In the other Program I used Rehearsal Marks, but these are non-editable in Dorico, right?


Shift-x text is the best for now.

I entirely disagree, Steve. Shift-alt-x is better, because it appears in all parts automatically. Shift-X text only applies to the stave it’s attached too.

Alternatively, you CAN use rehearsal marks. Place a rehearsal mark, change its index to whatever you need the first letter of the text to be (“I” for example), and then add a suffix (“ntro”) for example.
See page 541 of the manual for more detailed instructions.

Ah, great idea, hadn’t thought of using the index with just a part of the word… Smart workaround!


“I entirely disagree, Steve. Shift-alt-x is better”

Sorry, I wasn’t specific enough… you are of course right.

Sorry Steve, that was perhaps rude on my part. It’s been a tough couple of days in pianoleo-land!

Not at all, Leo! :slight_smile:

Indeed a system text is a usefull way not to have to re-write anything in the parts but if you happen to have a tempo mark exactly at the same position there is still one caveat at the moment.

No matter what you do a tempo mark will be always placed above a system text.
There is no way to change this vertical hierarchy at the moment.
If you want to use a system text as a kind of subtitle you probably want to have it above a tempo mark.
Of course you can manually move the tempo mark but you will have to move it for each part because as we know changes made in properties in the score do not apply to the parts.