Best way to diagnose freeze on exit/load?

Hello everyone.

What would be the best way to diagnose what is causing C8.3 to sometimes freeze either when loading a template project (when the progress bar is loading channels) or when closing the application?

Is the only way to just disable VSTs one by one and reload and close every time until it seems stable?

The only problem with this approach would be that it doesn’t freeze every time… only sometimes.

Plus it would take a lot of time doing this, which I don’t have.

Is there a log file somewhere that might give me some insight as to what is causing this? Is there a way to debug this some other way?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, there is a log file. But this log file is coded, of course.

Windows: Documents/Steinberg/Crashlog/
Mac: Console utility

I rolled back to .10 and this issue went away over a month ago. Today it tried .30 again and this issue came right back, including BSOD. I reverted to .10 and presto no more crash on exit. No more BSOD.