Best way to export markers to ProTools?

Hi forum,

does anyone have a suggestion?
We need to export a session to ProTools and would like to keep our scene markers.



that should work with aatranslator.
Also works with SSLproconvert, but you need to have a nuendo3-session there.

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I found a little app that might work:


Maybe using export CSV?

We’ve tested edimarker, it’s far from perfect, but it works. For now this seems to be the way for us.


I helped out with nuendo intigration and edimarker. There are a few hoops you need to jump through using nuendo export options but once you conform to it, it’ll work every time. It’s been a great help many times in both directions.

Yes indeed, but I’m part or the small but perfectly formed AATranslator team, and as a long term user & enthusiast of EDL, then Pro-Convert it was the lamentable lack of updates that motivated me to persuade (hmm, con) Michael, the main coder of AATranslator to write a ‘little app’ to read AA3 (Adobe Audition v3) files & turn them into something SSL Pro-Convert could read - then convert to a PT readable format. BTW that’s why it’s called AA translator.

AATranslator can translate the very fine Steinberg XML, track archive format into PT5 format, which has capabilities WAY beyond what OMF/AAF even pretends to offer.

Now one of the good things about PT is it allows one to append selected data from a session / interchange format it understand to the currently opened session. So for Eg, if you have an OMF or AAF that Nuendo can open tolerably well, but because OMF/AAF are, well they are spectacularly crap to be honest, you will be missing markers, and probably pan automation & a whole lot more.
If you have an AAT conversion to PT5 format you could just import into PT missing stuff like markers, etc.