Best way to filter out vibration rattle in sampled sound

What is an effective way to edit out slight vibration rattle noise that has been baked into the sound of an VSTi?

I’m using Kontakt - Factory Library - Double Bass Ensemble. I love the sound of it and normally would expect and accept a little bit of foley in a orchestral sampled sound like this. But for this case, I’d like to try to filter it out if possible. The richness of the bass sample is nice, just wanted to try and clean up the sound a little bit. A standard high or low shelf doesn’t work at all.

Perhaps there’s no easy way, but figured I’d ask.

Perhaps you should post post a sample of your music needing filtering … . From your description it’s impossible to figure out what’s going wrong.

Aloha d,

IMHO this is where a parametric eq with a tight ‘q’ might help.

What you want to do is try and find the main frequency(s) of
the vibration and gently, very gently ‘carve it out’ of the soundscape.

Try Steiny’s ‘StudioEQ’ but keep in mind that you may have to look for a 3rd party
plug to really do the job.

HTH (hope this helps)

I tried to attach an .ogg and a .wav, and the Cubase forum gives me “The extension xxx is not allowed.” Is there an audio format it does accept?

Attached is a .zip of an .ogg of the orchestral bass sound. You can hear the vibration on the left side with volumn maxed.

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooops… I found out it’s my left headphone that is slightly blown. Verified only left with multiple lowend outputs :frowning: Sorry about that!

They are beyerdynamic-250s I’ve had for a long while. Oh well… gotta add some new headphones to my Christmas list :wink: Any headphones you guys recommend?

How about a new pair of 250s?

Yea I probably will stick with a new pair of them. I was just curious what others use/recommend.