best way to get rid of unwanted trial plugins

Hi all would like your advice. having viewed a number of posts on the subject I’m still not clear on how to proceed. I have only 4 third party plugs but one of them included another 30 or so trials. This has not been an issue to date however I would to clear the decks so to speak as I would like to purchase weiss mm1 and for all I know get another round of unwanted trials. I have seen some posts indicating troubles with cubase and this plug so I’m trying to make sure all goes well…I’m on Cubase Artist 9 version 9.0.20 64 bit. I ask what is best, blacklist each one individually or as a group(if possible) or to uninstall in the same manner if that is not too risky an endeavor. Is it possible to simply delete them. Also is it advisable to do a maintenance update beforehand. I apologize for the rooke questions but would appreciate any help! Thanks much danc

Yeah, you can just delete the dll files in the OS. If you don’t know where they are, use the Plug-in Manager to find their path(s). As long as plugs aren’t used Cubase won’t blink an eye. And if they are used in any Projects you’ll get a ‘can’t find it’ error when opening that Project - just clear those out those Inserts by hand.

so appreciate the help! I did the following: devices>plugin manager>select plug>path settings below>to the (x) delete path… hit delete and nothing happened… I’m not much of a computer guy but may look for OS and see what I can find. If nothing else if I black list I assume they will no longer be visible. also assume with so few plugs the system will not be overloaded if not deleted. If you have any thoughts let me know… again thx danc

hi all I have a problem and really need some help. In trying unsuccessfully to get rid of unwanted plugins, naturally I lost EZ drummer 2. It was gone from the plugin manager vst column, but still showed in vst 2 plugin path settings, a bit of a fish out of water here but I pressed show the path + sign found Toon track then EZdrummer in documents… pressed open, back to plug manager, it is there but says missing plugin. There is a shortcut icon on my screen if opened the sounds are there. have been working on a song a long time basically finished which is why I wanted the Weiss mm1 to bring the volume up as my mixes are always weak…now the drums are gone… sorry to say but for me to understand any directions please be specific. thx for any help danc

The only reason to use the Plug-in Manager is to verify the path where the files are found. Then use Windows Explorer to go to that location and delete the unwanted files. Make sure not to delete any that you want to keep as the location may have both stored there.