Best way to get vocals to follow changes in Tempo Track?

Hi -

I have some MIDI keyboard music with slowing down, and even pauses ; also some simultaneously sung vocals. I want to adjust the tempo track to adjust how the MIDI is played, and have the vocals follow those changes …

I did a Time Warp on the MIDI piano, and in 4/4 that meant that when there were slowdowns and pauses, the “tempo” was down to 30 BPM or up to 220 BPM so that the startup after the pause began on a downbeat (of course the music played normal speed, just that the tempo map automatically generated those weird tempo values as the pauses were mapped).

No problem so far, the music plays just fine with metronome clicks at the right time, but when I processed the Audio with “Set Definition from Tempo”, I got an error message, “tempo out of range”, and even though the musical mode and warp icons were in top right of the audio, the audio wouldn’t “stretch” when the tempo was changed.

I got around it by forcing all the tempo values to be “reasonable” (60 to 150 BPM or so), by making the tempo of the entire piece 1/4 (instead of 4/4). But does anyone know if there is a better way?

PS: I’ve never warped vocals before to follow changes I make in a tempo track … is “Set Definition from Tempo” the best way, or are there some other quantizing or warping techniques that are better suited for vocals? As I’m typing this I’m wondering … could I have skipped all the “Set Definition from Tempo” malarkey and just have set the audio to Musical Mode and it would follow any stretching and compression of the tempo track I might want to do?