Best Way to go back to Cubase 6?


Due to an unsolvable problem with the font used for chords in the Score Editor of C7.x, (see this post) I’m going to have to go back to C6. But I reckon there must be a way to keep all the new VSTis, the new VST effects and the new content for Halion that came with C7 (I’ve paid for it, so I should be able to use it :wink: ). I’m guessing that for content I just need to re-install the additional content disc that comes with C7 (am I right?) but I’m a bit stuck on the other stuff.

Can anyone help with what I can, and can’t, use? And the best way to do it?


The new Halion content I am pretty sure, yes. The new VSTis and the new VST effects I am almost positive no. Aren’t they embedded in the app as they always have been? Or, like the Halion content, are the new VSTis and the new VST effects installed separately? I don’t think they are…

Thanks Jeff.

Is there a way to point Cubase 6 to the folder that already has the additional content, or should I install it again?