Best Way To Implement VST Patches With Keyboard Regions

I work primarily with VSL Special Edition instruments. Many percussion instruments come in patches that have multiple instruments in a single patch, and multiple playing techniques for each instrument, all accessed via specified keyboard ranges. The single Drum patch is a good example, with each type of drum (except the Timpani) and technique mapped across the keyboard. Taiko has one key range, Bass another, Snare, another, etc, all across one keyboard.

I’m curious how Cubase users who use the Special Edition approach implementing this. I don’t use my physical 61-key MIDI keyboard for keyswitching, preferring instead to set up Expression Maps and click in the necessary switches after recording.

My instinct tells me to create a track for each instrument, then limit the key input range using the MIDI Modifier Range setting. Perhaps somebody out there has come up with some best practices in this area that work well for them. If so, I’d love to hear about it.

No time tonight, but I had an idea I will try tomorrow. I think I can limit the range of accepted keys (notes) directly in VI Pro using the provided range adjustment sliders. I’ve never really used this feature, but it applies individually to each cell of the matrix, so I can customize a matrix to only play within the limited range of a particular drum instrument. This would be easier than doing in Cubase.