Best way to insert crescendi/decrescendi independent of note lengthes?

I wonder what’s the best way to insert dynamics like crescendos or diminuendos (hairpins) starting in the middle of a long note and ending somewhwere before the note ends. The only way I found out was to split the tied note into that bits that fit the beginning and the end of the desired hairpins. Since this is far too complicated for such a simple task, I suppose there must be a simpler straight forward way to achieve this. But how?

After you insert a hairpin, you can use shift+ alt + arrows to change its length, and Ctrl + alt + arrows to change its location on the rhythmic grid.

got it! Thank you!

And you can start a hairpin wherever you place the caret (regardless of long note values and ties) and then extend it after entering it with presses of the spacebar.

Or type < or > from the caret, then move along the grid however you like, then type ? to end/confirm the hairpin. You don’t need ? if you’re placing another textual dynamic.


That looks cool! Where can I find the key commands for a windows computer?

The same keys work on windows.

For ⌘ on Mac, use Ctrl on Windows.