Best way to learn cubase 8.5?

I bought cubase 8.5 some years ago but never made the change from logic x after that. However, because I’m a very intense Dorico user, I would like to give it another try because who knows how well both Steinberg’s products will grow together in the future.

What would be the best steps to learn cubase 8.5?

I like’s style of teaching, though I have not used it for Cubase. I bought the series on Motu Cuemix, the software that goes along with motu audio interfaces and found it intelligent and pedagogical. They have a Cubase 8 series:

For my money, the best (and most complete) learning materials on Cubase are on macProvideo, authored by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth. His Cubase 7.0 series is the most complete, and though they have posted updates for each new Cubase release, none are as complete as these. They are close enough to the 8.5 version that the basic features are the same, and they are the best place to start. My advice, sign up for a month of unlimited access and try them out.

(You’ll need to scroll down a ways to find the Cubase 7 courses.)

Thanks. I found a Cubase 8 course by him, I will start here.

Also consider Streamworks Audio Complete Cubase 8.5. I haven’t used this Cubase one, but Walt’s WaveLab series is very comprehensive, easy to listen to, and based on actual use cases.