Best way to load multiple instance from different vst player

Hello everyone, I apologize if the subject has already been dealt with but I have recently purchased Dorico and I still have to understand the settings well. So what is the best way to manage and load various VST players? For example I’d like to load a sound from Kontakt on channel 1 of the Dorico mixer then on channel 2 a sound from the Era II medieval Legends library which has Engine 2 as player and so on. Thank you for any help!

You need to add each player to the right-hand column of Play mode via the Plus sign at the bottom of the column. Then you need to open up each player in the left-hand column and use the pull-down to associate that instrument with the newly added player. From there you can set the MIDI channel you wish to use and can open the player interfaces (the stylized E symbol) to assign the sound file to the channels of your choice.

Nice graphic, Derrek!

…also, you most likely will need to click the cog wheels on the right side too, and make sure you have a meaningful Expression Map for your instruments. Default will use Key Velocity for volume, whereas E.g. Velocity + Mod Wheel Dynamic will use CC1, which is very common among sampled instruments (that can change volume on sustaining notes)