Best way to make a 24khz wav


I realize that 24,000hz (24khz not talking bit depth here) is not a commonly used sample rate but I have a client that has requested assets be delivered at 16bit mono 24khz wav files.

I see that the Crystal Resampler doesn’t offer 24khz as an option in its drop down selection of sample rates however under Process/Convert Sample rate I can manually enter 24000 as the desired sample rate and a file is made at 24k.

My questions are, what algorithm is being used if I convert sample rate this way as opposed to using the crystal resampler and, is there any way I could convert to 24khz that would sound better. Or to ask differently, what is best way to convert a 48k wav file to 24k and maintain the highest audio quality.


From the Process menu, another algorithm than the Crystal Resampler is used when the sample rate is not supported by Crystal Resampler. This algorithm is good but not as tuned as Crystal Resampler is, but there is no alternative.

Thanks PG, I appreciatte the prompt response.

I’m sure PG won’t mind me recommending the free utility r8brain for such an uncommon task! If I were you, I would do the work in WaveLab as you would any other project, and then convert (or batch convert) using r8brain.
(EDIT: sorry, just noticed you’re using a Mac … r8brain is Windows only) :frowning: