best way to make a hidden track

I just got a CD order that is asking for a Hidden Track at the end. I know what it is but have never been asked to create one before.
What is the best way to create a hidden track ?

Chas Ferry

I always ask the client if they want the hidden song to be part of the last listed track, or if it should be it’s own track but just not listed on any album artwork.

With either scenario, you’ll need to know how much time they’d like between the end of the last official track and the start of the hidden track.

I don’t think there is a “best” way, just ask them how they want it. When all they say is “hidden track”, there’s no way to be sure how they would like it arranged without getting more details.

Digital distribution kind of took the fun out of hidden tracks due to logistical reasons like iTunes considering negative time between tracks as part of the previous track.