Best way to make Cue Sheet from Nuendo Project?

Can a Track Sheet be exported into a .csv in some way to make a music cue sheet? Or should I use Export Marker Track as .csv? How are you guys doing this?

My solution is a mouse macro recording software (ykey on Mac) that copies the file description and timecode start/end to a text editor. I button press per music cue.

Thanks for the post. Doesn’t this give you the same result as exporting as a .csv? When I open an exported .csv I get the following:

Actually everything imports well except the Length which is displayed in Bars–even when I switch the Primary Time Display to seconds. Is there any way to change this?

For the last project where I had to deliver a cue sheet I used Cue Tracker, a free app that does a nice job of doing what the awesome CUE did back in the OS 9 and under days. Makes good reports, and you can save templates. It’s old now, but pretty deep in regards to what it can do, especially in the project management department. And absolutely produces pro cue sheets.

But it doesn’t import marker tracks.

I started asking for real cue sheet generation on Our Beloved Platform back in the Cubase VST days… and still wish Steinberg would work on including professional cue management and cue sheet production features. Considering the “one-stop-shop” situation many of we composer/editor/engineers are working, and how essential cue sheets are as part of the delivery process for many of us, I don’t get why it hasn’t been more of a priority with Steinberg… AND the rest of us here on the forum. It just seems like it belongs in Nuendo.

I, as well am very interested in what folks who deal with cue management on an industry level are using these days.


“I started asking for real cue sheet generation on Our Beloved Platform”