best way to migrate over in a large scoring to pic project...

OK so I scored a 90 min Documentary in another DAW. I split the project up into 3 reels and 90% is midi at this point. I’m going to get a final version with changes a couple of weeks. For reel 1 I imported a midi file and loaded up and set a mix with my softsynths. Things went very well and with some tweaking I have pretty much the exact same mix as I did in the old DAW. Cubase sounds great and is solid. Reel 2 and 3 (still in the old DAW) are very close to being the same mixes. Am I going to have to follow the same procedure or can I use some way to do this faster. Am I Correct…If I use Reel 1 as a template then I can not import the midi file tempo map? If I import the midi files from reels 2 & 3 I have to re load and set up my mix from scratch both times?..unless someone here knows a better way!

Is there a way to load into one big long file? Or is that not a smart thing to do? Would that choke the computer…it would in my old DAW.

THANKS in advance…

Go to preferences → Midi → Midi file → Under Import midi file section, deselect “Ignore Master Track Events on Merge”

That should do the trick, and with that deselected whenever you import a midi file into an already open project it will now change the project tempo.
If the option is selected it will only import tempo from midi file when you open a new project directly from the midi file.