Best way to "mix in mono"?? "Master Out" in mono?

Yes I searched and way too much comes up…anything with “mix” and “mono”…

Ive been reading a lot of mixing tutorial books and one big trick is to mix (or check your mix) in mono. I realized the importance of this when I put a song I mixed onto my cell phone and the spatial mix was totally gone and it all sounded pretty hectic thrown together on that tiny cell phone speaker.

I’m figuring the best way is on the master stereo out somewhere…like somehow just tell it to output in mono.

Any ideas?


depends on your used software…
Control room or “mix6to2”, or dual stereo fader mode, or any VSTFx that can do it.

The absolute best way to mix in mono is to use one speaker only! so as not to have two speakers and a virtual mono!!!

You can achieve this very easily in cubase by switching the master panner to dual mono and panning one side all the way across to the side.