Best way to move multiple clips/events to new tracks?

Just wondering how you guys best handle this. Say I’ve got a multi mic string session. I’ve got a folder with a 4 audio tracks in it. Multiple takes with lanes activated. I now want to move some events from this folder into another folder to have some doubling or harmonies etc.

So I duplicate the folder and it’s audio tracks and remove the audio events. Then with group editing on, when I try to drag some events from folder 1 onto the tracks in folder 2 things go crazy because folder 2 doesn’t have all the same lanes etc for each audio track. Cut/paste works ok in regards to lanes, but I find it awkward to use because it always pastes the events at cursor position, not origin position.

Just wondering if I’m missing an obvious easy way to get events down onto new tracks…

Edit \ Functions \ Paste at origin
You can assign a key command to it.

Thank you, but what if ithe events that have been edited /nudged / moved 8 bars etc. They will move to their original time stamp, right?

Paste at origin uses the timestamp from where the events were copied/cut. It’s strangely not related to Move to origin command, which uses file internal timestamp.

Oh wow. That is excellent news! Much appreciated.